2015 Pre-Newport Food & Wine Festival Tasting with Trifecta Wines

Join us for an exclusive Pre-Newport Food & Wine Festival wine tasting with Trifecta Wines to kick off the weekend!

On Friday, Sept. 25, stop by Laura Jean in the afternoon from 2-5pm to taste a limited production of Trifecta Wines' 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon. Co-owner Lynanne Nyarady will be pouring!

From left: Pablo and Lynanne Nyarady, Laura and Conrad

"I first met Lynanne and Pablo in 2010 at the Newport Food & Wine Festival Gala," Laura says.

"When I first walked in, I saw Geremie Callaghan from Fluke. I asked her the best wines to check out—she pointed me to Trifecta Wines."

When Laura went to the booth for Trifecta Wines table, she chatted with Lynanne and Pablo over wine pours. While they were talking, Lynanne happened to ask Laura where she could get a good pair of jeans...

"We've been friends ever since!" 

The Nyarady Family has been in the winemaking industry since the early 1820s in northwestern Transylvania. In collaboration with their Napa Valley winemakers, Trifecta Wines keeps the family tradition alive producing limited allocation wines. 

True to its name, Trifecta Wines follows the philosophy that good things come in threes—omne trium perfectum. Their approach to winemaking also sets them apart from the rest:

Rather than spending energy on trying to make each year’s wine similar to what may be expected from a previous vintage, we prefer to concentrate all of our efforts on what we refer to as “unique vintage excellence” or the best nature has to offer that year.

Only the best possible fruit is sourced, at the direction and guidance of our winemakers, at the optimal time. With each vintage, Trifecta proudly represents the characteristics of a quintessential, well balanced California style wine respecting its distinctive terroir.

Love what you're reading about Trifecta Wines? Come taste the wine for yourself at Laura Jean on Friday, then check them out at the 2015 Newport Food & Wine Festival through the weekend!

Can't make it to LJD's wine tasting or the NFW15? Learn more about Trifecta Wines on their website

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